Perception of images by the visual cortex: geometry in neuroscience

Pascal Chossat


Geometric mechanics in medical imaging

Tanya Schmah


Topological transitions in isolated molecules: Energy band rearrangements

Boris Zhilinski


Nonlinear Vibrations in the Fullerene Molecule C60

Carlos Garcıa-Azpeitia



Choice of gauge affects the curvature-holonomy relationship on non-abelian fiber bundles

Ross L. Hatton


Geometric splitting of variables in mechanical and control systems

Alejandro Cabrera


Monodromy in the Kepler Problem

Holger Dullin

Singular reduction of the 2-body problem on the 3-sphere and the 4-dimensional Lagrange top

Philip Arathoon

The Kepler Cone and Hamilton-Jacobi theory

Richard Montgomery

Asymptotic Poincaré Maps along the edges of Polytopes and their Hamiltonian character

Hassan Najafi Alishah

Group valued momentum maps and applications

Tudor Ratiu

Persistence of stationary motion under explicit symmetry breaking perturbation

Marine Fontaine

Local aspects of foliations induced by vector fields with degenerate singularity

Laura Ortiz

Geometric aspects of the theory of adiabatic Hamiltonian systems

Misael Avendaño Camacho

The minimal set of a Kuperberg flow

Ana Rechtman

Lie-Poisson simulation of the dynamics of point vortices on a (rotating) sphere coupled with a background field

Milo Viviani

Vortices on the Triaxial Ellipsoid

Jair Koiller

On first integrals of nonholonomic systems

Paula Balseiro


Moving energies and integrability of symmetric mechanical nonholonomic systems with affine constraints

Francesco Fassò


Multisymplectic approach to Symmetries in General Relativity and other field theories

Jordi Gaset


Discrete Field Theory on Cellular Complexes

Pablo M. Chacón


Applications of Lie systems theory in classical and quantum physics

José F. Cariñena


Stable orbits in unstable systems: the case of the Pais-Uhlenbeck oscillator

José Antonio Vallejo


Geometric theory of flexible and expandable tubes conveying fluid

Vakhtang Poutkaradze


A variational structure for integrable hierarchies

Mats Vermeeren


Lie-Poisson reduction and reconstruction phases in the N-vortex problem

Antonio Hernández Garduño


Non-Abelian momentum polytopes for SU (3) action on products of CP 2 with an application to generalised point vortices

Amna Shaddad


Linearization of nonlinear connections on vector bundles

Eduardo Martínez


Studying N-body problems with the geometry of the "Jacobi-Maupertuis" metric

Connor Jackman